Hello everyone. And welcome to this weeks “Audio Drop”.

This week I will be talking about why it is important to have a website. Unfortunately many small business people cite cost and the belief that they just don’t need a website as reasons for not having a website, but there are NO EXCUSES to be without a website today! Why?

Because in 2017 getting a website is much more affordable and without a website, you are lagging behind the competition that has a website. In 2016 Entrepreneur magazine reported that nearly 50% of US small business still did not have a website. Today, this is “business suicide”, because without a website today you’re just not able to keep up with your competition, who HAS learned that having a website is a game changer. And why is that?

Simply put, a website expands your reach, it allows you to showcase your business in a much more visual and dynamic way. It allows the customer or potential customer to have 24/7 access. And that’s just some of what a website can offer.

I hope the Audio Drop will open your eyes to the possibilities and help you join the Internet age. Trust me, the Internet is here to stay, and if you want your business to grow and thrive you need to have a website presence.

So, please listen and give me feedback so that I can improve and share even more useful information. And as always, all the best in your business pursuits and remember…Keep moving FORWARD!