On this page I have listed many of the tools and resources I use to get my job done.  Feel free to check any/all of them out.  In some cases if you decide to purchase I do have an affiliate association with ElegantThemes.  Thanks.


I use WordPress fort all my websites both personally and professionally. WordPress is pretty much the standard when considering building an online presence.

PicMonkey is a great tool. I use it primarily as a Logo creation tool.

Dropbox is my offsite (cloud) storage option. Check it out for more details.

All of my Websites are built using ElegantThemes.  In my opinion one of the best tools to build a fantastic looking website!  This company really changed the game with their product. Great!!

I use Pixabay for grabbing high resolution images (FOR FREE!).  They are one of the best sites around.  Check them out.

I use MailChimp for my email auto-responder.  It’s a good starting place for those on a budget and have a small list.

What can I say about CANVA.  I think it’s a GREAT graphic tool.  I use it for multiple projects. Check it out.

I do some audio stuff and find Audacity to be a great tool.  And it’s free.
This tool is widely used and regarded.  You can’t go wrong if you decide to use it.