Step-1-imgWe will have a 30 – 40 minute consultation.  During that time I will ask you some questions concerning the website that you’d like built.  You will also be asked to give me as much as you can about your target audience or customer. Design and visual aesthetic appeal is of course important, but how your site flows and functions in the best possible way for your visitors is equally important.

My next step will be to come up with a mock-up based on our initial consultation – This process take approx. 1 week. Step-2-img

Once I get your feedback from my mockup and we have a meeting of the minds, I will start the work.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with my concepts, we can go from there, which may mean I start over from scratch.Step3-img

Step-4-imgThis step is where most of the work is done.  I will start building your website

Step-5-imgOnce I have completed my work I will submit the website to you for a review.  At this point you will access and ‘play around’ with the website while jotting down any notes, feedback and/or suggestions.  When you are done you will contact me to set up a 30 minute meeting to discuss your website

Step-6-imgHere I make any changes you may have suggested in our meeting from step 5.    I will implement these changes and re-submit for your re-view.  If all is well at that point we will schedule a time to deploy/launch your website.