A Little About Myself

Why I Do This

For me, it truly is about helping others by offering affordable websites for the small business person.  Although today the cost of gettingvic-vic yourself a great website has really come down, and you can now get a website for about $1500 today.

But if your budget is tight and you’re just getting started $1500 could be a great deal of money.  This is where I hope my service can fill a need. The websites I offer are all top-notch products.  You get all of the necessary bells-and-whistles that will make your site stand out.  But what you won’t get is high sticker price.

And how am I able to do this…Well in 2 ways.  The first is that I do TRULY like helping others and it is more important for me to deliver you a product at a reasonable rate, than have you over-spend.  And secondly, my process is very streamlined. I only use Elegant Themes as my framework for my websites.  This allows me to not only keep cost down, but get more done.

For more details on my process, check “My Process”. I hope that I am able to work with you on creating a beautiful, functionally and above all affordable website for your business.

Take care.

Victor R Bennett

When I Am Not Building Websites:

  • Spending time w/my wife (travel, restaurants, etc.)
  • Spending time with my children (all grown)
  • Playing Bass guitar
  • Listening to Jazz
  • Reading (mainly fiction big John Sandford and Ken Folett fan)
  • Super Hero geek

Some Of Our Road Trips