Hello everyone.

And welcome to my initial “Audio Drop”.   The “drops” will be a way for me to share important small business information on a daily basis.

The AUDIO DROPS, which will usually be between 5 and 12 minutes and will mainly focus on small business issues such as starting growing and promoting your business.

Occasionally I may change the script and just talk about something else…who knows.

I am also making the commitment of at least 1 per week for the next 90 days .  If the feedback is positive I will continue.

I do look forward to having this opportunity to share  my knowledge and helps folks along the way.  It is also an chance for me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new,  It may even lead to a PODCAST!

So, please listen, give me feedback and hopefully enjoy the contnet. As always, all the best in your business pursuits and remember…Keep moving FORWARD!

My contact info:
web: www.benevicwebbuilder.com
email:  benevicweb@gmail.com
phone message: (757)550-1829